Transaction Advisory Services

Whether you are looking to expand into new markets, seize the next M&A opportunity or realize your growth ambitions by better managing your capital, CHESSY can help you to seize the opportunity.

Inorganic growth can provide boost to a company's capabilities but it can be challenging to conclude deals involving mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, making it essential for such deals to be handled with great care and expertise. Investors must evaluate the accounting, tax, regulatory, legal, management and cultural aspects of the target company. While investors would like to have complete and accurate information to make critical decisions, such information is not readily available and is often difficult to evaluate. On-the-ground knowledge improves the probability of a deal's proper execution and success.

CHESSY's approach to Transaction Advisory comes from a thorough understanding of ground realities, decades of experience and subject matter expertise. In a rapidly changing, increasingly digital and disrupted environment, we support the flow of capital across borders; help bring new products and innovation to market, and enable organisations to reshape themselves for a better future. From deal negotiations to capturing synergies during integration, we help clients gain value and deliver it to stakeholders. With global alliance and connectivity, we can help you navigate complexity and build a better working world.