Invoice Processing

Invoice processing is an integral part of Book keeping & Accounting, due care has to be taken while processing the invoice or else it could cost the organisation in many ways, any kind of errors during invoice processing bears an adverse impact on the customers opinion regarding your business and gradually the professional association with the company. As the organisation grows, the volume of invoice to be processed increases which in turn invites thorough attention.

We at CHESSY understand the magnitude of invoicing services for the affluence of your business, we have a team of professional who are proficient in processing invoices by following the tailored guidelines set by our clients. We follow standard set of procedures to process those invoices, but at the same time we follow the terms of work order/purchase order entered with particular client.

Important points we keep in mind regarding invoice processing:

Using latest technology for invoice processing.

Proper indexing of approved purchase/work orders.

Proper indexing of invoice received and the acknowledgement given.

Matching the invoices with purchase orders/work orders.

Audit of scanned invoices.

Verification of documents supporting invoice /s.

Reconciliation of audited scanned invoices.

Getting approval of processed invoices from authorised personnel before posting.

Manual and Automated data entry.

Document indexing


Advantages of Invoice Process outsourcing:

Reduction of overhead cost

Automated tracking

Ensure timely maintenance of business records

Faster turnaround time

Avoid vendor payment mistakes

Tighter control on purchase/work orders

Upgradation of accounting & inventory system timely