Restructuring is an action taken by a company to significantly modify the financial and operational aspects of the company, usually when the business is facing financial pressures. Restructuring is corporate action taken that involves significantly modifying the debt, operations or structure of a company as a way of limiting financial harm and improving the business.

Corporate restructuring can be a complex and difficult process, posing a myriad of challenges and obstacles to be overcome, which is why you deserve only the best when it comes to finding business restructuring solutions – and that means partnering with Chessy Consultants Private Limited.

We work shoulder to shoulder with your company's management stakeholders and lenders at every level. Our multidisciplinary team of restructuring professionals delivers result oriented measures to protect, create and maximize value throughout all stages of a corporate crisis from concept development to implementation and monitoring.

CHESSY's Restructuring Services provides reorganization, turnaround and implementation advice and services to underperforming and financially distressed businesses, their stakeholders and advisors. Our restructuring teams assist companies and stakeholders to address pressures and effect turnarounds, to regain control, manage crisis, improve return to creditors and limit exposure to risk and bad debt through a full suite of services. Powered by analytical solutions and digital technologies, we help clients rapidly identify specific issues and opportunities, while creating a more engaging experience for better alignment, focus and speed to action.

At CHESSY, our philosophy is to give our clients a greater degree of understanding, expertise and confidence, and our ranges of business restructuring services are certainly no different. We are wholly focused on exceeding your expectations, so you can be sure that by teaming up with us you're guaranteed to receive a service unrivalled by any of our competitors.