India Entry Strategies / Business Setup In India

We help international companies develop and implement winning India market entry strategies. Our superior India insight and rigorous approach give you a market entry strategy to win in India's unique context.

The Indian economy is vast and growing fast. However, the country's complex market structures, high share of unorganised players, and scarcity of reliable data make it difficult to form an accurate picture of the real market opportunity. We provide international companies with a highly granular and rigorously tested fact base for your target market in India including its size, competitive dynamics, and future growth trajectory

Forecast to become the world most populous nation within a decade, India is a massive but hugely diverse country. Income levels, cultural norms, business practices, and value perceptions can vary widely. We help you segment your Indian customers and gain in-depth understanding of their wants, needs and desires.

With the Government's initiative to improve India's ranking in the ease of doing business, the Indian regulations are continually evolving that simplify starting business in India. Our experienced team of strategy professionals are well positioned to assist clients in formulating entry strategy for international business, structuring investments and transactions with seamless compliance with applicable laws. India is becoming a major hub for setting up new businesses.

We help you build your detailed roadmap for India market entry and design the organisation to execute on the ground. With time-bound milestones and regular review mechanisms, your go-to-market strategy is an implementable action plan to get you up and running and en-route to success in India.

Partnerships, joint ventures or acquisitions can all be important elements of your India market entry strategy. We help you avoid mistakes in partner selection that can lead to significant setbacks for international companies. We define clear selection criteria and thoroughly screen your potential partners on crucial strategic and operational parameters. As a result, you are able to choose partners with the right synergies and reduced risks.

Our India market entry strategies follow a phased approach starting with evaluation of the market opportunity for our clients followed by creating a strategic business plan for their entry, and finally successful implementation of the recommended market entry strategy to establish a winning presence in India.


We understand that to make a 'go or no-go' decision, apart from factual information clients need a feel of the market, the decision makers and influencers, and the business culture. Our market exploration methodology includes real-time interactions with industry stakeholders such as potential buyers, distributors/retailers, industry associations, and government bodies.

Supported by practical experience, our market exploration approach involves detailed assessment of:

Present and Future Business Opportunities

Government policies and regulations

Entry and exit barriers

Potential Customers and Partners

Location analysis and local advantage


CHESSY helps in formulating an effective strategy aimed at achieving success of the client in the Indian market. Based on the results derived from 'Market Exploration' phase, our team helps clients in evaluating the most appropriate India Entry Strategy options to achieve optimum results. The assessment takes into account the client's short term and long term goals, strategic priorities, investment and risk appetite, industry growth curve, success and failure of competitors and best practices.

We provide advisory services and develop a comprehensive business plan for the client covering the aspects detailed below:

Sales Forecast

Operational Expenses

Marketing Expenses

Profitability Analysis

Feasibility Study


CHESSY provides full support to its clients to ensure the business plan formulated is successfully implemented. We endeavour to support our clients with all their implementation needs in India.

The key deliverables offered in our implementation phase include:

Assist in negotiation and finalizing the partnership terms.

Identifying the right location

Site Selection and acquisition of land

Incorporating the Indian subsidiary

Obtaining all statutory and regulatory approvals

Setting up of office

Recruitment of key executives

We help companies establish themselves in India with reduced risks and compressed gestation times. We undertake all the needed activities to set up the client's business. Our forte to deliver quality work before deadlines is what that distinguishes us from others.