Corporate Law

Corporate law is essentially the body of law which regulates the business and conduct of corporate legal entities. Corporations are most general, formal and legal establishments in all across the world for diverse objectives. A corporation (corporate structure) has a separate legal entity, certain privileges and liabilities, distinct from those of its members and shareholders. At every step, corporate has to comply with the plethora of provisions contained in legislations such as Companies Act, FEMA compliances, SEBI regulations and many more. Corporate law today is a complex piece of legislation that governs the activities of not only domestic companies but also that of foreign companies setting up in India.

Ensuring that you can concentrate on growing your business in an upward direction is very important to us. Handling over matters of corporate law and secretarial practice to us, can give your board of directors space to concentrate on their shareholder duties and focus on higher level of operations. We assist in handling regulatory requirements and ensuring organizational awareness of rules, regulations and policies relevant to the business operations of our customers. We are able to provide a number of day to day compliance services including regulatory reporting, establishing and implementing compliance policies and routines, establishing ethical guidelines, educating key personnel, performing compliance audits, detecting potential risks and violations, as well as interacting with, and responding to, inquiries from authorities.