Public Issue Readiness

Taking your company public is an exciting and challenging process for leaders like yourselves – the entrepreneur, the chief executive officer, the chief financial officer – and for all the other stakeholders involved in the process. For some, going public may be the culmination of one long-term strategic goal and the beginning of a new life in the public spotlight. For others, it may be the achievement of a major business and financial reward. Being public brings prestige and visibility with all the players in the market – customers, suppliers, employers, and the financial community.

There is no perfect time to go public, but if you start preparing early, you will be ahead of the curve. At all stages of the pre-IPO preparation process, CHESSY Advisors assists companies to meet the expectations of investors. We introduce corporate governance best practices and help you meet the financial reporting requirements of your chosen exchange. We hope that by better understanding the challenges of going to market, companies will be better prepared to face them and, in turn, will achieve the valuation that your business deserves.

There are a lot of homework required before we go to marker and CHESSY can help the corporates in completing the homework and be market ready.

CHESSY can assist in –

Stage 1- Preliminary assessment of your company

Assess financial health of the Company

Identify Suitable entities for proposed listing group

Alternate Financing

Stage 2- Getting it right

Evaluate / Assess Internal Control

Financial Reporting process, Budgeting Tool

Re Alignment of accounting standards

Stage 3- Decide on best course of action to raise capital

Advise on group restructuring

Discuss and recommend upon choice of exchange

Introduction of other professionals

Stage 4- Presenting your company to other professional parties

Financial Policies & Disclosures ( Listing Requirements)

Assess non-financial aspects with recommendations

Preparation of forecast memorandum