Executorship Services

Many-a-times, families face hassles in distribution of wealth as per the legal Will due to lack of understanding, inexperience, ignorance of laws/processes/practices resulting in delays, block of assets/wealth, etc. To avoid such instances and to expedite transfer of assets as per the wishes in the Will, it is recommended to appoint an executor who has sufficient knowledge about such matters. We offer Will Executorship services for smooth distribution of assets as per the Will of testator.

As a corporate executor, CHESSY brings on table continuity for clients and his family, it's experience and technical know-how on legal matters pertaining to the execution of a Will.

As an executor our scope includes:

Applying for and obtaining probate certificate

Distributing the assets to the beneficiaries in accordance with the Will

Arranging legal assistance in case of any dispute

Payment of debt, duties and expenses as detailed by the testator