Tax Preparation

The small and medium entrepreneurs across the globe brawl with due date deadline during the busy tax season and as taxes are administered by revenue authority, a small error may invite unwanted litigations which may result in financial loss those business entrepreneurs.

We at CHESSY, deal with both Individual & Business taxes and other residuary taxes and our team for preparation of tax returns is well trained, qualified and are always updated with changes in the tax structure. CHESSY and its associates are the tax related service providers for different business houses and units. Our services include besides planning and compliance, initiation of comprehensive argument with tax authorities and governments all across the level, if necessary, and keep on assisting clients to remain at the safer side of best tax planning. In order to prepare tax returns, we examine the financial records of the company which includes profit & loss statement, balance sheet and notes to accounts.

The team can successfully design and execute strategies for helping clients in achieving personal and financial goals and the ways to reduce their tax liabilities. CHESSY offers all-inclusive tax compliance and tax-planning services, as well as CHESSY recognizes that meticulous planning may lead to minimization of the tax burden with best effect.

The following types of tax services are being offered by us in India:

Goods & Service tax

Individual tax

Profession Tax

We also provide tax service to our foreign clients as per their requirements.