Due Diligence

With growing complexities in the corporate sphere, compliance is taking centre stage. Establishments pursuing opportunities of possible merger & acquisition, joint venture, equity investment or debt financing, seek full disclosure to reach a level of comfort for the proposed deal. Associating with businesses and their key decision makers, can pose an array of risks, ranging from fraud, enquiry by enforcement agencies, litigation, reputational loss, financial distress or forfeiture of business.

Transactions that have been through a comprehensive due diligence process are ultimately the most successful. Determining the effectiveness of processes, infrastructure, systems and financial reporting as well as identifying areas of future capital requirements are essential information and will ultimately allow an Organisation to maximise value.

Our team of sector and technical experts specialise in due diligence and offer a proactive and pragmatic approach tailored to mitigate risks and provide value beyond the deal. Our goal is to offer the powerful combination of excellent service and responsive relationships to deliver relevant and cost-effective solutions based on industry best practices. Our Due Diligence practice helps in conducting background checks and gathering information on specific targets (individuals/entities) in order to highlight red-flags that can be potentially damaging to an organisation. Through background checks we are able to provide wide range of information – shareholding/ownership structure of an organisation, key personnel, litigations, market reputation, regulatory non-compliance, wilful defaults, etc.

Our approach to due diligence provides insights on:

Quality of revenue - Identifying the key business drivers

Quality of earnings - Ascertaining the sustainability of earnings

Working capital - Normalising for seasonality and one-off items

Net debt – Estimating immediate cash outflows

Contingent liabilities - Summarising the significant exposures

Tax positions - Assessing the history of claims and risk areas

Disputes – Pending cases against the entity

Regulatory compliance

Background information

Our financial and tax due diligence service would assist you at various stages of investment life cycle:

Private Equity due diligence: Due diligence services that are clearly linked to PE firm's in evaluating an investment in a potential target

Buy-side due diligence: Due diligence services that are linked to our corporate client's requirements as purchasers/acquirers.

Sell-side/vendor initiated due diligence: A balanced and independent due diligence approach considering the management's views and comments on the identified issues which would help the prospective purchaser take informed decisions.

Vendor Assistance: Due diligence services to identify potential impediments during an exit or to address value impacting issues at an early stage, helping clients take corrective action.

Financial due diligence - We help you make wise investment decisions, providing financial due diligence that is clearly linked to your requirements as purchasers, and also suitable for your funders.

Commercial due diligence - We deliver thoughtful, robust advice based on primary and secondary research combined with quantitative analyses, focusing on the key issues that impact value.